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CNR-Your Telecommunications Provider for the Pacific Northwest

Consulting - Let us take a look at your current system and analyze your needs.

Network Assessment - Communication systems are rapidly changing. We will assess the functionality of your network and keep it up-to-date.

Planning/Design/Installation - "We will plan, design, and install an effective, dependable, and cost-efficient network that fits your needs."

Training Services - Our highly qualified staff will train your system's users

Software Assurance - We guarantee the latest in software upgrades, even for those on a payment program.

Remote Assistance - Our technicians are capable of remotely viewing your system and any issues you may be encountering, often solving them immediately so you don't need to wait for an on-site technician.

Managed Services /Telco - Yes! We can assist you in lost data and information disaster recovery.

Maintenance and Support 24/7 - The best! Our maintenance and support is available to address service or repair needs 24/7, no matter what your operation hours or schedule.

One provider.

A full range of network solutions.

We offer a variety of services that fit your objectives.

Our extensive field experience, our progressive technologies, and our general knowledge of the industry gives us the confidence to provide the best service for you.

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CNR-Your Telecommunications Provider for the Pacific Northwest
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